In Moosetookalook Maine we meet up with the owner of the Scottish Emporium, Liss MacCrimmon at an auction being held at the old Chadwick mansion. The mansion has been sold to a developer so all the items that belonged to the estate are being auctioned off. Liss is there in the hopes of purchasing a painting that will decorate her store.

Upon winning the painting, Liss soon discovers that a map has been hidden behind it. After an initial inspection, Liss realizes the map is old and may lead to a treasure once owned by the old wealthy family who lived in the Chadwick mansion.

After her discovery, Liss learns that there is a historian who knows a lot about the Chadwick family history and may have some insight regarding the map that she has found. She plans to meet him on her way to a planned business trip. When she gets to the historians location, she finds the historian murdered, and Liss suspects someone who knows about the map killed him.

X Marks the Scot by Kaitlyn Dunnett is an enjoyable book full of twist’s and turns that keep the story moving to a very enjoyable conclusion.

I have never read a cozy mystery before and decided to pick one up simply for the experience. Kaitlyn Dunnett has written several books featuring her sleuth; Liss MacCrimmon. All of them are Scottish inspired. In time I’d like to read more of Dunnetts work. If you are looking for a cozy mystery, I do suggest X Marks the Scot.