After a very long and very unplanned hiatus, I’m back! And I hope to be able to return to doing semi-regular reviews and updates once again. The reason for my extended absence was due to a combination of both my health and dealings with a terrible roommate. Although I’m still dealing with health issues, the terrible roommate who bears responsibility of sending me into an unyielding depression is gone. All I have to do now is pick up the mess he left me with and move forward.

While I was gone I read a lot of books – many of which I do plan on doing reviews of while I’m reading other books. For example I read what has become my new favorite book of all time that I really need to share. I also read plenty of books that I’d like to, at a minimum, have a discussion about since their subject matter was so thought provoking.

Assuming I am not faced with some unforeseen catastrophe, I have many plans for this blog and I want to direct as much energy towards it as I possibly can. I feel that there is potential with it and I should not let it go. I am currently in the midst of a 70 hour work week which has my free time severely limited, however I will do what I can to establish some sort of blogging schedule.

I hope you all are ready, because I feel that I am!