Martin is on a mission to capture a bug for his extensive collection, which leads him to an open pit mine that, if he were paying attention, he’d know he wasn’t supposed to go in. The bug Martin is pursuing is not being cooperative and when it finally does land it’s not in a safe location. Quickly Martin finds himself in trouble when a rock slide occurs. The rock slide leads however to a discovery – Martin discovers a very unique and rare rock that he decides to take with him back home.

The rock that Martin has discovered isn’t quite a rock however. He learns the truth about his “rock” when it hatches and a lizard emerges. With his parents “No Pets” rule, Martin must keep his strange lizard a secret.

raising rufusRaising Rufus is a very enjoyable read – I picked it up after realizing what Rufus is and thought it would be a fun, light read. I absolutely loved this story, it brought back to me all the stories I used to read and love as a kid. Perhaps the best part is that the author, David Fulk, did not go the easy way with the ending, which is the route I thought he’d take.

This is one of those books that I think would be amazing if it were made into a made-for-TV movie for kids.

If you happen to come across Raising Rufus, I highly suggest picking it up, it’s superb.

★★★★★   RAISING RUFUS by David Fulk