Like Eating A Stone by Wojciech Tochman is beautiful yet horrifying overview of the aftermath of the four years of war that tore apart Bosnia. Over 100,000 people – primarily men – were rounded up and massacred, their bodies dumped in mass graves during the war. This book follows the survivors of the war – primarily women – as they try to piece their lives back together. Much of this book revolves around the process of identifying the remains of the people buried in mass graves.

like eating a stoneThe war began in 1992, a war that when I was a child, I recall hearing about on television every evening after school. The break up of Yugoslavia was extremely violent, with most of the people killed being civilians. Campaigns of genocide were being waged, it seems, from both sides. This book brings back the horror of that war while it explores the aftermath.

Due to how recent this war was, as I grew up I began to encounter many people who fled the Balkans to the US as refugee’s. Those who lived through this war and escaped, in my experience, do not like speaking about this time. Like Eating A Stone helps to depict the environment that those survivors left. It is a moment in history that certainly should not be forgotten.

This is a tough book that should be read with caution – but read none-the-less.