My evaluation of Binge may be elevated due to reading it immediately after Connor Franta’s A Work In Progress, but I found it to be hilarious and excellent. For me, Binge was more akin to one of Bill Bryson’s memoir-esque books which featured humorous anecdotes from the authors life.

With Binge I was laughing quite frequently.

binge.jpgSome people will find the humor to be very mature – but Oakley is not out to make himself look like some angelic, perfect person. The crudeness of some of the humor made the book relateable.  Perhaps the best part of this book is that the stories in Binge did not hinge on knowing much about Oakley’s YouTube career. This, I feel, was one of those books written by a famous person that was done correctly.

There were a few sections in the book that I found annoying (for instance that list of 20 things Tyler would do if he were Beyonce for a day) but these annoying parts were short and when I re-read this book in the future, I’ll know to skip them.

Overall, Binge was a joy to read, and if Oakley decides to write another book in the future – I’ll pick that one up too.  I recommend Binge IF you can tolerate adult humor – otherwise, skip it.