I found this book, The Writers Daily Companion by Amy Peters, in the bargain bin at a local book store shortly before closing on my house in 2016, I began reading it the first day I moved into my house. Somehow I made it a habit to read a page a day out of it for an entire year – I just finished this book less than a week ago.

dailywritingThis book is filled with many things – writing prompts, quotes from authors, short biographies of writers, suggestions for books to read, writing tips and advice from various writers on writing. Since I read this book over the course of a year, what this book also has within it are the many memories – both good and bad – that I’ve accumulated during my first year at my house.

The Writers Daily Companion has become, for me, a time capsule of sorts – one of a special variety that I can use as both a reference book or as a way to recollect this past year. I have an inability, currently, to separate these two perspectives of this book.

Now that I am done with the book, I feel as if there is a void in my life, the daily, morning task I had is now gone. At any rate, if you happen to come across a copy of The Writers Daily Companion by Amy Peters, I suggest picking it up and do as I did – read a page a day. You will learn something of value from this book – both about writing, and strangely, also something about yourself. Perhaps this is true of any book that is read over the course of a year or more.