As I look through my extensive library of books I noticed that I’ve got a vast collection of memoirs and many of which I haven’t read. My goal for August will be to read as many of the memoirs I have in my collection as I can. I tend to read memoirs quite quickly which is making me consider that instead of doing a review for each one – I’ll simply do a weekly round-up instead.

I dislike giving ratings to non-fiction books, especially memoirs so my round-ups will be more in the form of a discussion (along the lines of how Harpers reviews books). Fiction books will continue to receive their own reviews and will be separate from these round-ups.

Also; I’m going to try and incorporate more into this blog than just reviews and a weekly quote. I tried to do Top 5 Wednesday just to discover that I really dislike listing things. I have a few ideas that I’ve considered, however they aren’t exactly book related so they might not be suitable for this blog.

At any rate, I figured a brief explanation for why there is going to be a slight change in the format of my posts over the course of August was important. I mean, I have a memoir written in four volumes that took me almost a year to get that I have yet to read. This up coming month will (hopefully) be when that gets read.