I typically will try to post a review of a book every Saturday if circumstances allow for it. A week or so ago I decided to delve into a rather hefty epic fantasy, The Elven by Bernhard Hennen which clocks in at approximately 770 pages. I am just approaching the 500 page mark as I write this. This however is the reason there hasn’t been a review posted.

Anyway, about the book.

For starters, this book is quite captivating. It is one of the more enjoyable books that I’ve read in quite awhile. The story begins with a group of hunters trying to secure food for their small village when suddenly they are attacked by a strange creature. In an effort to escape, one of the hunters, Mandred, runs to the safety of a forbidden, yet sacred structure which turns out to be a gate that transports him to the land of the Elves.

elvenWhile in the land of the elves, Mandred appeals to the queen to assemble a hunting party to go to human world and kill the creature that had attacked his hunting party. The queen sets out several guidelines for this and has a hunting party assembled. Mandred and the elves then go back to the human world and try to hunt down the creature.

Upon seeing the creature, the elves are able to identify it as a demon that should have been killed hundreds of years ago in an early Elf and demon war.

And this sets numerous sequences of events into motion that launch for Mandred and his Elven friends a long journey both on land and through time in an effort to repair the damage caused by the demon and return the Elven and Human worlds back to normal.

Generally I’m not a fan of fantasy, however this story is so enthralling that I am always wondering what is going to happen next. Due to my busy schedule this past week, I’ve only been able to read a few chapters at a time – and those chapters each feel like I’m watching another epic installment in this epic journey.

I hope to be able to finish it within a day or so due to having a couple days off from work – and then posting a review. As of right now, if you enjoy fantasy, I would say that this book is a ‘must read’.