A young girl takes a ride on her brand new birthday bike and stumbles upon one of the biggest discoveries on earth – a giant hand buried in the woods. From this point forward, a powerful entity takes control in the global excavation of the rest of this giant, human-like structure. Thus is the plot of one of the greatest books I’ve read so far this year.

Sleeping GiantsSleeping Giants is a story that revolves around the files and documents collected in regards to the organized effort to find, what seems to be, a large alien artifact that was buried, in pieces, through out the world. Most of the files are in the form of interviews held between an unnamed protagonist who leads the global recovery of the parts of this buried mechanical giant. We are never given much details about the person conducting these interviews, however it is alluded that the person is part of the shadow government of the United States. They do have a lot of power, but the origins of that power is never clarified.

Our unnamed protagonist conducts interviews with numerous of the people involved in the excavation and assembly of this buried alien structure, and through these interviews we learn about our other main characters and the ins and outs of their personal and professional relationships – not to mention, we slowly unravel the mysteries of the mechanical giant they all are working on.

Although marketed as science fiction, the book brings together multiple genres to tell a story that captivates the imagination. Neuvel’s ability to use the existence of the giant to ask important questions about the world we live in – despite the story being, essentially, timeless was a large draw for me. The stories ability to draw me in, almost from page one, was extraordinary, I fear that I read it so fast that I may have missed something.

Since the book is presented as a series of files – the focus of the story always revolves around the progress of the characters in regards to the alien structure. The book never strays away from this so side plots are left to a minimum. In short, you know what ever this powerful government entity knows – and at times, even they don’t know much.

Right now I’m continuing on to the sequel, Waking Gods but I am sure that Sleeping Giants will find it’s way back into my hands as I do anticipate a re-read of this exciting adventure.

☆ –  Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel