I believe that I have solved the roommate crisis.

Yesterday I met with a prospective roommate and I couldn’t be happier. He is a nurse who currently commutes an hour to work and was looking for a place closer.

Him and I talked for several hours and we shared a lot that we had in common. I haven’t had an ‘adult’ conversation like that in such a long time. It, quite honestly gave me an adrenaline rush.

The fact that he is also a nurse gives me a peace of mind that is difficult to describe.

I am very happy about this situation – I feel better and more calm about it than even when my [former] best friend was here.

This new roommate, although younger than me is much closer to my age. He also know’s what it is like to live alone and have to be responsible for himself. These are qualities that I haven’t seen in any of the other people that have inquired about the room.

So much of my stress has been alleviated due to this. Now I can more whole-heartedly  focus on other things.

WATCH THIS SPACE – As you might’ve seen from my previous post – I intend on transforming this blog into an (almost) exclusive book review and/or discussion blog. Like now, I may have a post or two about my personal life, but I do want to focus heavily on books.

This blog that I started over a year ago has chronicled the many ups and downs my life has taken as I try to navigate being an adult in a world riddled with people that continue to have the mentality of children.

Things are looking up.

Today I’m going to walk to the park with a notebook and perhaps write some poetry or a short story.

Look for part 2 of my The Forgotten Man book discussion in a few days. I’m still on the fence about given up on this book, I will give it another 100 pages before making that decision.

It’s a new day!