The Grand River in Michigan is at flood level – it’s the highest it’s been since 2013; the ground is heavily saturated with water and it wants to go somewhere.

So it forced its way into my basement.

I, of course was not aware of this until I called the city council to inquire about whether or not there was a sewer back up. I also went online and did some rudimentary research in order to help ease my mind.

With in minutes I found out about the flooding going on all along the Grand River, and within a half hour a person who works for my city checked the sewer and kindly came to my door to tell me that the sewer isn’t backed up, that ground water is most likely getting into my basement and that many people are experiencing this as well.

I found all of this reassuring. Sometimes when unfortunate things happen, it helps a lot to be given a rationale reason as to why it is happening.

When I got home this morning, I knew there would be some water in the basement considering that it had rained most of yesterday evening. I immediately began to sop it up with a sponge and was making considerable progress when suddenly I saw that the water was beginning to get deeper.

It was slow at first and I didn’t think too much of it until I began to notice that the water was forming puddles in areas of the basement that it hadn’t before.

This got concerning.

So I got up from the step I was sitting on and took a soggy walk around the basement just to discover that the lid to the sewer drainage was floating in a rather large puddle. That’s when I started to worry and wanted a more definitive answer to what was going on.

At the beginning of 2016, the previous owner of my house had made an insurance claim in order to water proof the basement. Even upon purchasing the house I was informed that occasionally I’d see some “wet spots” in the basement.

Two inches of standing water is quite different than a few “wet spots”.

Since the river is at flood stage, and it will remain at flood stage for a couple more days, right now I’m going to chalk the situation up to there being excessive water in the ground. I’ll keep an eye on the basement situation – but right now trying to do anything about it is a losing battle.

I did move some of my [former] best friends stuff to higher locations so they wouldn’t get damaged by the water – however I’m not sure what compelled me to do this since I am planning on throwing it all away soon – kind of like what he did to our friendship.