There is no way to sugar-coat it; life is hard right now. Pretending that things aren’t tough doesn’t help.

I’m still in need of a roommate, and that search isn’t going too well. Yesterday after getting home after replacing the tire on my car, I had a prospective roommate come here to look at the room that I’m attempting to rent out. I think he would have been a good fit except… he has no job.

He said that the internet I have is too slow (24Mbps) for his gaming and wanted me to cancel my contract with my internet provider so we could get internet through the provider that he currently has.

This is just too much of a hassle for someone who may only stay here a few months. Someone that doesn’t even have a job right now. He didn’t understand why I’d want a partial payment of the first months rent the day he’d move in either. He thought it was some sort of down payment on the room when in reality – as I told him – it’s so I don’t get screwed over again by having someone stay here a few weeks and suddenly leave with out paying a dime.

I really don’t know how to go about finding a roommate.

I supposed to have another prospective roommate stop by this morning. He called yesterday evening while I was just falling asleep.

His story is complicated and confusing.

His current roommate kicked him out because the roommate got a girlfriend. He badly needs a place near where he currently is because he wants to stay near his fiance and daughter. He’d have transportation problems because his fiance takes him to where he needs to go. He needs a place badly but wouldn’t get paid until Wednesday. 

Nothing this guy was saying was making much sense. If he has a fiance, why couldn’t he stay with her for a short while? If he has a job, how exactly does he get there?

Every time he spoke, weird contradictions came out. In fact, he said that he once worked where I currently worked but wasn’t sure what we did there… then asked where it was located.

I’m thinking – despite whatever situation he’s in – I’m not having him move in either. He clearly has trouble conveying the truth and that will lead to inevitable problems.

Assuming he even stops by this morning. He was suppose to have been here 45 minutes ago.

At any rate, I updated my ad on Craigslist so that people who are interested text me instead of call. I don’t know how people managed to get my phone number, but I work 3rd shift and getting woke up by random calls is quite aggravating.