All my apprehensions about the new roommate appear to have been unfounded. I was able to talk to him quite a bit yesterday and things are getting much better. I really just want this house to be a place that he can feel comfortable in.

I’m really beginning to like that he is here. There is this sense of relief and it is pulling me out of this depression that, up until recently had swallowed me whole. I was able to make chili today – from scratch because I could focus once again.

I’m once again focusing on my plans that I had initiated before the [former] best friend left. I am no longer spending my time staring out the window wondering about whether he is going to return. Life will get better.

My raccoon problem came back recently which I was not anticipating. So I’m going all out this time. I’ve had it with dealing with those pests. I can only image the type of damage that they are doing in the crawlspace above my kitchen.

My parents came over this morning for a short bit and, in under 15 minutes my dad managed to piss me off with just a few of his condescending words. He wonders why most of his children don’t want anything to do with him. Apparently he can declare what stuff of mine is trash and proceed to destroy it without asking – then when I object, decide to make an asshole comment about my job.

There are so many reasons why the relationship that I have with my dad is quite strained – and shit like this is one.