Before buying the house, I had lived alone for 9 years in a one-bedroom apartment. Then I got the house with the intention of living with my [former] best friend and a third roommate. But since my [former] best friend walked out, I had to get a new roommate. Someone that before March 24, I didn’t even know existed.

I’m living with a stranger.

I have nothing against the new roommate, it’s just that outside of a University context, I’ve never lived with people that I didn’t know. Technically I enjoy having the new roommate here, it’s just that I’m not a very social person.

I guess that since it’s only been four day’s since he’s moved in, as I get more used to him this peculiar dynamic will change. It’s just that for some reason (perhaps it’s the age difference) I feel like there is a employer-employee, very formal type of relationship that is going on.

That shouldn’t be how it is.

I should note that to this date, every person who’s lived in this house (EXCLUDING ME) is here because they were once living with a girlfriend who broke up with them then kicked them out. I find this rather peculiar. Oh well, I am on average, 10 years old than all of them so perhaps that is just how the world works now.

In other news, I feel quite a bit more relaxed now that I have someone here to literally fill the void left by my [former] best friend. I can go back to worrying about what I used to worry about on a daily basis – bills and food. Those things I’m quite used to.

I’m feeling optimism again – a feeling I haven’t had in quite awhile.