After over a month of not hearing ANYTHING from my “best friend” after requesting over and over that he get a hold of me – I gave up and moved on. I moved on in the sense that I got a new roommate and already have him moved in and the night and day difference is astounding.

The overwhelming depression and stress from my [former] best friend’s departure has lifted and I can once again start looking forward to life instead of spending my time reflecting… contemplating as to where things went wrong. I do still believe his baby-mama played a huge role in the destruction of that friendship. I also believe that those two will eventually start fighting again, the difference is that this time he will have no place to go back to when that takes place.

When my [former] best friend decided not to pay his share of the rent was also the day that I found and moved in a new roommate. It worked out quite conveniently. The new roommate is taking an apprenticeship to become an electrician; and since my dad is a retired master electrician it gives me something to relate to.

But what this new roommate also signifies is that this blog will HAVE TO take a new direction. Ever since meeting my [former] best friend, I’ve put my own life on the back-burner in order to try and help get him on his feet. But now, I can start focusing on myself once more. This blog will slowly transform itself into an (almost exclusively) “Bad Dinosaur” blog.

Bad Dinosaur is an idea that I’ve had for almost two years now, it’s a multi-media endeavor, including a podcast, a series of books, a YouTube channel, a newsletter and a blog. It’s going to be it’s own universe essentially, I just can finally begin my work on it to make it happen. I do not intend it to be a ‘one person show’ however, Bad Dinosaur is essentially an experimental entertainment small business. I (somehow) want to employ (or have volunteer) 3 or 4 people to help pull this off.

My [former] best friend was supposed to help, but the drama surrounding his life, and his total lack of motivation made that impossible – then when he left, everything came to a screeching halt.

But I’m ready to get Bad Dinosaur up and running again. Incidentally, that was the ORIGINAL INTENT of this blog… but things happened and this blog had a change of direction. Now it is time to steer this blog back on course.