It’s been over a month since I’ve seen my best friend – since he’s left.

I am uncertain if he has “moved out” or not since he has shown no interest in letting me know what is going on. In his absence, I’ve placed ad’s on various websites seeking a new roommate, even though I’m not sure what the status is of my best friend.

He still has all of his stuff here, so I’m not sure if he still believes he lives here – or what, exactly is going on. I guess I won’t really know until the end of this month, whether or not he send’s me rent.

He has completely left me in the dark about the situation, and I think this aspect is particularly cruel. I’ve been working a lot of overtime to try and make sure I have enough money set aside just in case he decides not to pay his portion. All my free time is being eaten up by stress caused by his sudden departure.

It is difficult to focus on anything.

I want to do so much, but my energy is just gone. Worry and stress really takes a toll on you in that regard. Ambition’s are put off because it is impossible to focus.

I don’t believe that I deserve to be in this situation.

I may just have a new roommate move in regardless of my “best friends” intentions. When he objects – I’ll inform him that perhaps a bit of communication on his part would have solved this. His phone may be turned off, but that’s not preventing him from stopping in and maybe leaving a note or something. I have tried calling him every day for the past two weeks – just to get an automated recording saying that the number that I have dialed is no longer in service.

I need to take the necessary precautions.