The wind is extraordinary today. Every community around where I live is experiencing power outages as Michigan get’s hit with 50-60mph winds. I’m sitting at my desk in my second floor bedroom in my house watching whirlwinds of leaves fly by my window.

My best friend still has not come back yet. This little stunt of his is beyond frustrating.

I might have mentioned this in my previous post, yet I’m still excited about it: I was able to get myself a NEW electric typewriter (one in which you can still buy parts for at office supply stores) a week ago. The typewriter – a brother Correctronic GX-6750 – isn’t technically “brand new” as it was used briefly by the previous owner before she passed away. I was able to get it for an eighth of the price that retailers would sell if for.

I plan on doing a lot of writing on it. But for a little while longer, I want to focus on my “political notebook” that is half finished. Too many writing projects going on simultaneously can lead to the problem of nothing getting done.

Although I own three other typewriters – all of which work, the moment I run out of ink in their ribbons, finding more ribbon will be an expensive hunt that I’m not in the mood to go on. The electric typewriter that I got even comes with whiteout ribbon that allows you to correct mistakes.

What I need to adjust to is no longer having the ability to rely on auto-correct for misspellings. At any rate, I always feel more “involved” with my writing when using a typewriter. There is this sense of accomplishment when you can watch your idea’s materialize into something tangent right before your eyes.

No wonder the Beats thought the Typewriter Is Holy….