I have technically lost count as to how many day’s my best friend has been gone. All I know is that his absence is the source of this depression that I’m dealing with. Since his phone is turned off, I do not have a way to get a hold of him – or to technically even know where he is. I can only assume he is at his baby-mama’s place, but that, at this point is just speculation on my part.

In order to deal with this, I’ve resorted to writing political essay’s everyday in a notebook. I realize that I’ve mentioned this before however outside of work, these essay’s take up a majority of my time.

I do want to be a writer someday. In pursuit of this dream, I also bought myself a used (like-new) Brother electronic typewriter. I think that if I can hand write a page or so a day in regards to the latest political controversy, I can also type a page or two a day as a basis to a novel of some variety.

Of course other chunks of my morning’s entail dealing with the cats, the plants I’ve started growing that will eventually go into a garden and copious amounts of reading.

All of this as an attempt to get my mind off the absence of my best friend.

There aren’t any real developments in my life aside from the fact that this is the first weekend that I’ve had off since December and I spent a majority of it sitting alone in my house wondering if maybe my best friend might stop by before I just fell asleep from exhaustion.

I’m just not liking this situation at all.