During the house buying process this past summer I did a favor for my best(?) friend – I put him on my insurance so that he could get a better rate and have to pay a lower premium for his vehicle. This little favor I did cut his car insurance payment in half. He was paying just under $300 a month, and when I put him on with my insurance, his monthly payment dropped to $160.

That was going well for awhile, but then January happened – and I had to pay his car insurance because he “didn’t have the money” and the payment is taken out of my checking account. Then this month, February, it happened again. So for two months in a row I had to cover his insurance payment AND on top of it, he’s been gone for well over three weeks now. He told me that he was going to spend “just the weekend” with his daughter at his baby mama’s house, but it’s Wednesday and I haven’t seen or heard from him.

So I’m giving him until tomorrow and if I don’t see or hear from him, I’m taking him off my insurance plan.

It’s really beginning to feel like he is using me and I’m just getting sick of it.

Although I WILL be taking him off my insurance tomorrow, I’m not going to give him the courtesy of knowing. If he want’s to fuck me over, I’m going to give him a taste of his own medicine. If I have to, I’ll see his stuff to make up for his portion of the rent. I’m really getting angry about this bullshit that he is putting me through.