My best friend is treading on the fine line between asking for my help and blatantly just using me.

My best friends work had two weeks at the end of January where they were closed down with out pay. The employees at his work were told to go and apply for short term unemployment for that time period. The problem is that in order to qualify for that unemployment, you had to be continuously employed for 18 months. Unfortunately my best friend hasn’t been “continuously employed” for an entire year yet.

So he told me that during those two weeks off he’d spend that time applying for a second job in order to help cover his bills. He’d do this because his shift at work would go from a third shift 10pm – 6am schedule to a second shift 5pm – 1am schedule. He explained to me that this would allow for him time to sleep and work a part time morning job.

Those were the plans that he made.

But he didn’t do that – at all.

Instead he spent those two weeks with his baby- mama. Then when his work started back up again, he continued stay at his baby-mama’s place. When I am finally able to talk to him earlier this week (Wednesday) he tells me that he will not have enough money to cover his bills.

I told him that I would help him with his bills – I even went as far as telling him that on payday (TODAY) I would deposit some of my paycheck into his bank account so he can get by.

But… when I get home from work this morning, he’s not here – he’s [probably] at his baby-mama’s place.

I’m just getting irritated of digging him out of messes that he puts himself in (out of his own pure laziness) just for him to push me aside like my time is something that is OK for him to waste. If he expects me to go out of my way to put money in his checking account while he is off somewhere else – he is deeply mistaken.

Anyway I’m trying to find the motivation to set up a pod cast. I have all the (rudimentary) equipment that I’ll need, but the energy required is difficult to conjure up. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to execute everything. Hopefully by early March I’ll have something put together.

Until next time…