We’re experiencing thunderstorms right now – in Michigan – mid-winter. The thunder is rolling and the lightning is flashing, and snow still blankets the ground.

After not seeing my best friend for almost three weeks, he is back – in his bed room sleeping. Considering the weather, he may sleep all day, which means I may not see him despite him being here.

I am quite exhausted myself and am considering for awhile. I stayed up a bit later than I was planning yesterday and I’m in need of some much needed rest.

But I’ve got some anxiety. I am wondering what sort of news my best friend is going to tell me. His babies momma is a very manipulative person who persistently uses my best friends daughter as a way to manipulate him. She’s been doing this since she got pregnant. I’ve already told her that she is no longer welcome here.

I worry he’s going to tell me that they are back together.

She still won’t be welcome here  – and I’m contemplating telling him to leave if that is the case. I’ve had enough of her drama and refuse to be subjected to it again.

So, what types of storms can I expect today? I don’t know.