I’ve been living in my house since late July 2016 and since that time I’ve been able to develop a routine of sorts.

I work third shift which means I get home from work at approximately 7:30am every morning. Typically I’ll pick up a cup of coffee on the way home. Once I reach home the first thing I do is clean out the cat’s litter box – which they both instantly go and use. Since the litter box is in the basement where all my plants are beginning to grow, I’ll go and check them as well.

If the plants need watering, I’ll water them.

Next I make my way up to my bed room where I take off my work shoes and read one page out of THE WRITERS DAILY COMPANION by Amy Peters. I’m on week 28 in that. IF my best friend were here, I’d go and join him where ever he may be and talk to him for a few hours or so as I finish my coffee.

After this I’ll do one of two things, either read for awhile OR write in a note book about what is going on in the news. It should be of no surprise that Donald Trump is the focus of these writing’s as of late.

I’ll include an excerpt of yesterday’s essay for an example:

It has become almost too exhausting trying to keep on top of the latest Trump related out-rage. By the time you’ve learned about one thing he’s done, he has gone and done something else equally troubling and equally deserving of ones attention. I am beginning to wonder if the desired effect is to get people so jaded in regards to what he is doing that once he absolutely crosses the line into dictator – people will have become complacent. 

New massive, worldwide protests erupt daily on behalf of Trump and his big mouth and ego. He seems to have something to say about everything and little understanding of anything. He recently wrote and EO (executive order) that put in place essentially a Muslim ban that restricted people from seven primarily Muslim countries access to the USA.

Clearly he wasn’t aware that this type of action is illegal and unconstitutional. Therefore a federal judge overturned his EO causing Trump to have a temper-tantrum  – on Twitter.


That deserved emphasis. Once complacency sets in among the American people, who knows what this whiny billionaire will try and get away with. Keep in mind that his so called “Muslim ban” was put into practice until it was overturned a couple of days later.

I’ve personally gotten tired of all of his bullshit to be blunt, but I think I’ll persist for awhile longer.

With Trump there is a large problem that continues to happen. There are people who hate him so much that ANYTHING he does immediately becomes a controversy – when in fact what you get are a whole bunch of nontroversies cropping up that act as distractions to real issues.

So weeding through all of that becomes a chore all on it’s own. It can get difficult to decipher sometimes what issue to spend time on. The news cycle changes so swiftly it is hard to know what is and is no longer relevant. Characters like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow inflate stupid, meaningless issues into things that they are not; sometimes to the point that you begin to side with Trump (which is a scary prospect).

This particular essay continues on, but you get the idea. I guess they are more like reflections of the day’s happenings. They rarely discuss personal things – I attempt to save that for this blog.

But yes, now you’ve got a small taste of my daily routine. In the future I’d like to be able to do weekly podcasts and be MUCH more active on this blog.

On a side note: I don’t know if this would be a good place for my more political stuff. Politics lately has a tendency to alienate people and I’m not sure I have the energy to deal with some things along those lines…

So, until next time.