This is the first day off from work that I’ve had since the previous time I wrote an entry (January 1). That’s right, I’ve worked OVER a month straight without a day off which has lead to me being a complete slacker in other aspects of my life.

A lot has happened in the last month.

For starters, I adopted another cat in order to help keep Manny occupied while I work so much. The new cat’s name is Larry and he is also gray but considerably older (6 years) and larger. Manny and Larry get along quite fine despite what so many people warned me about in regards to having two male cats.

My best friend recently decided to basically move in with his baby’s mama for the past three weeks which has me greatly, and understandably concerned. Those two were barely on speaking terms for quite awhile and suddenly all he’s been doing is spending time with her. He told me that he’d be back at our house this up coming week, that he just wanted to spend time with his daughter…

…but that remains to be seen. If he decides to just move out, he’d screw me over in a way that I’d rather not think about right now. I’ve already put up ads on just in case. Needless to say, this development has me greatly worried.

In other news, there are things that I want to do that I completely lack the energy to undertake at the moment due to my work schedule. Although I just recently got the equipment, I’d like to start a podcast of some variety – or restart my YouTube channel with more of a “talk radio” type feel to it. But when I get home from work, about the only thing that I have energy for is to read.

My writing, as seen by how “active” my blog has been, has gone into a slump. I do not know how I’m going to pick up on that UNTIL work slows down. With that being said, expect my updates to be rather sparse for awhile.

I have managed to begin the very basics of getting a garden started for this upcoming Spring. I have some seeds started in those small green house grow kits in my basement. So far I haven’t much luck with germination, but I still do have time I guess.

But, until next time.