I realize that I’ve been on an abnormally long hiatus – but that is entirely due to the busy season at my work setting in which means working 7 nights a week. I’m working over 60 hours a week, and I have been since the beginning of November.

So basically I’m extremely tired all the time.

But there have been some worthwhile highlights that I should mention.

First; my best friend bought himself the first bed of his own that he’s ever had in his life. This makes me very happy.

Also, the roommate who lost his job at the end of October got himself a new job which also makes me happy.

I got a chest freezer for the house so that we can start storing larger quantities of food. The next thing on the agenda is a bistro table. I’ve been wanting a coffee shop style table since I got the house. I finally found one that I want really bad that I plan on getting this upcoming weekend.

Our dreams are coming together which is so exciting.

Drama, overall, is at a minimum.

One of the more exciting tidbits is that the third roommate decided to have a hook-up and got chlamydia and gonorrhea – which made for some fun trips to the free clinic and the pharmacy.

Over all, there isn’t all too much happening with us.

I’ll try to reinstate this blog into my daily routine so I don’t go through these long stretches without writing any more.