I’m working 7 nights a week now and continue to do all the work around the house. My roommates think spending their nights off getting drunk is somehow productive. I get to come home and clean up the messes they left.

The ‘third roommate’ is still without a job and he isn’t being very active in trying to find another one. Although he has this month and Decembers rent covered, if he can’t find a job soon I’ll be forced to begin looking for a new housemate.

I’ve been cooking and/or baking every day. I’m trying to have enough energy after work each morning to make food – but it’s irritating that my roommates – who literally sit around and do nothing will suddenly disappear moments before the food I’ve made is done. They complain about having no money and complain about being hungry but when there is food done – they’re gone.

In other news, I need to clean out the fridge – there are a lot of left-overs that they told me they’d finish, but they never did – opting instead for fast food.

I’m beginning to wonder why I even bother any more.

Right now I’m currently reading THE BURIED GIANT by Kazuo Ishiguro and enjoying it quite a bit, I’ve just been so tired lately – and busy – that it’s taking me much longer than I had anticipated to read. I began it over a week ago, it’s only 317 pages and I still have 90 pages to go.

In my works busy season, it’s not easy for me to read 100 page a day like I can during the slow season. Oh well, I’ll get through it soon enough.