It’s been awhile since my last post – and I don’t think, even today, that I’ll have the time to summarize all that has taken place in the past two weeks or so.

Two weeks ago the youngest roommate got a phone call saying that his dad, who has Huntington’s disease,  had become unresponsive so the three of us took a road trip an hour north to drop him off. As the day progressed, his dads condition continued to worsen, his organs began to fail and he was taken to a hospice for end of life treatment.

His dad died later that evening.

Instead of staying up north for just a few days, my roommate stayed the entire week. Since he didn’t have a year in at his job, his employer had to terminate his employment. In short, my roommate came back from up north this past weekend to no job, so my best friend and I have been helping him find a new one.

But in the meantime, my best friends work had to cut two and a half days of work from him due to a fire in a factory that his factory distributes to. So on top of one roommate who will not be receiving a paycheck at all, the other one will be getting a really small one due to the lost hours.

This situation has me a little stressed, the good news is that the utility bill came and it was miraculously low – low enough that I can cover it without a problem.

I just hope that my works over time begins to kick in soon so this newly acquired financial burden isn’t as heavy in the weeks to come.