It’s been a rough week to put it mildly.

It began with a cancellation notice of out homeowners insurance that snow-balled into a large mess between the mortgage company and the insurance agency. It’s still being sorted out, however the mess is a direct result of my prior homeowners insurance company, Farm Bureau neglecting to properly inform my mortgage company of the cancellation.

I hope that by next week the entire mess will be dealt with completely.

But as that was taking place, another, much worse issue arose.

The ‘third roommate’s’ dad’s health got really bad to the point that he is on the verge of being pulled off life support. So we had to drive our roommate up to the hospital so he could be with his dad in his final hours. I was just notified this morning that his dad’s kidney’s failed and his health is declining rapidly.

To add to this terrible ordeal, since my roommate hasn’t been at his current job for a year, he did not have any time that he could take off for this emergency, to when he returns to work, he is facing a termination. This of course directly effects all of us since his rent is helping pay the mortgage.

It’s a cyclical mess that has me slightly stressed. I told him that when he get’s back, I’ll help him find a new job and, if need be, do what I can to hook him up on unemployment.

This year has not been good for any of us and I just want it to come to a swift end.