I spent the entire morning reading and listening to various storms as they passed through. I’m still not in the mood to talk to my best friend right now. He knows everything I had to go through to get this house – and for him to just punch a hole through a wall for no reason at all really has pissed me off.

It really has ruined my entire weekend.

I’m not sure if I’m even going to want to talk to him tomorrow either. That incident was a gigantic slap in the face of everything I’ve done for him. All the time I put in to making sure his life don’t fall apart, ensuring that he has a place to live, putting up with everything his deadbeat family says about me – and in return I get a giant hole punch in the wall.

I haven’t even been able to show my house to my siblings yet. Now I’ll have to explain why there is a massive hole in the basement wall.

We haven’t even lived in this house three months yet and I’m trying so hard to accommodate everyone. Trying to get furniture and stuff to make this place comfortable, meanwhile my best friend finds it OK to destroy stuff.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve just been hiding out in my bedroom trying to contemplate all of this.

I’m so lost.