On Wednesday morning one of my co-workers got critically injured in a car accident. I do not know his current condition other than there is a rumor that he won’t be back to work for several months.

This co-worker is the other Press Assistant – my primary source of help at work and now I’m looking at a very stressful busy season that is fast approaching.

I have not been able to visit him in the hospital since I’m not even sure which one he’s at. Learning details is very difficult to come by. I wish I knew more.

In an unrelated note, my best friend decided to punch a hole through the basement wall for no reason aside from wanting to know “what was behind it”. So now there is a giant hole in the dry-wall. This has pissed me off quite a bit.

I went through a lot trying to make sure we got this house and I’m doing everything I can to make sure the people living here are comfortable – and he thinks he can destroy stuff with impunity.

I told him he has to repair it.

We had plans for this weekend, but him punching a hole through the wall caused me to cancel them. Why should I treat him to dinner when he thinks destroying and misusing my stuff is OK.

I am just going to spend my weekend hiding away in my bedroom away from everything. I can’t handle things like this too well.