She was dumped.

My best friends ex-girlfriends new boyfriend only could put up with her obsessive texting and controlling demands for less than a month before he had had enough. This of course means that she is back to plotting new ways to get my best friend back into her life…

…which means she is using their daughter as a bargaining chip. She is trying to limit his time alone with his daughter again and is trying to have it so that the only time he can see his daughter is when she is around.

My best friend is not down with that at all.

Nor am I.

I have had it with her drama and I’m on the verge of giving her quite a bit of drama myself. Today I was contemplating having her arrested for trespassing since her “5 minute stop” to pick up her daughter turned into a 20 minute visit.

When she is around, I feel unwelcome in my own house. She lets her jealousy of me fly whenever I’m in the same room as her.

I really regret re-introducing those two back together back in April. She is like a parasite that you can’t get rid of – I wish that I had known that then.