Another week has come to a close. Time, in retrospect, moved pretty fast which was nice, perhaps I have a ‘long’, slow-moving weekend ahead of me.

I’m continuing to build my best friends Lord of the Rings collection. This week I got him the Hobbit trilogy; the five disc extended cut’s similar to the Lord of the Rings trilogy that I got him last weekend.

He is happy about that.

I am happy to report that the kerosene heater is working marvelously. I am looking forward to winter thank’s to it’s efficient dispersal of heat. I decided giving it a test run today was needed despite that it is almost 80 degree’s out. At any rate, the cold of fall should be setting in shortly, so we’ll be needing it soon enough.

Yesterday I was busy watching Danisnotonfire and TheAmazingPhil perform their live show on YouTube Red which prevented me from making a blog post. The show is brilliant so I would recommend checking it out.

Yesterday also entailed me introducing my best friend to Metropolis, the 1927 silent film that continues, even to this day, to resonate with the world around us. The movie pretty much depicts modern democracy where people are always distracted with a spectacle so the wealthy can do whatever they want unabated.

Maria ought to be destroyed – then the people who created her should also be destroyed.

Anyway, I feel like I ‘m leading a rather uneventful life. This problem must be addressed.

I’m co-hosting a party with my best friend this weekend – that should be enjoyable.

Hopefully it remains peaceful.