The replacement kerosene heater arrived today and I was able to assemble it. My best friend is planning an impromptu party on Saturday which is cool, but now we’ll have the ability to keep our three season room warm if the temperature were to drop.

We only need to get kerosene now – and on Friday drop the damaged one off at the UPS store. The weekend looks to be quite busy.

I’ve been overly exhausted today for reasons quite unknown. I think the excess stress that I’m dealing with at work is what is getting to me. I don’t like running press too much, I prefer my Press Assistant job to the Press Operator job. There is just too much that could go wrong with those machines and I’m getting exceedingly nervous running them.

THE EXPLORERS GUILD is a book unlike any other I’ve ever read. I don’t know how to explain it nor do I know how to convey the type of delight I’m experiencing while reading it. I wish I knew why this book didn’t get more attention on booktube.

Probably because it’s not one of those easy to read YA novels.

I’m going to get to bed a bit earlier today and hope that work tonight goes well – perhaps I won’t be on press, that would be nice.