I ordered a kerosene heater from Amazon on Friday last week and when it arrived on Monday it was damaged – and the wrong color. This was quite irritating so Amazon is sending me a replacement, I have until November to return the incorrect one.

I finished the novelization of SUICIDE SQUAD yesterday and despite the book’s story flowing so well, the ending was terribly predictable and almost a cliche. I am happy that I read it though because now I no longer desire to watch the movie – it’s been receiving terrible reviews and I didn’t have too much of an interest to begin with.

Right now I’m reading THE EXPLORERS GUILD Vol. 1 by Jon Baird and Kevin Costner. My best friend got it for me for my birthday in May. It’s partially a novel and partially a graphic novel. I am currently enjoying it very much.

Some thoughts have been haunting me for the past several days. I keep worrying that something is going to happen that I won’t be able to afford the house payments. This has arisen due to my third roommate and his idiotic proclamations that he wants to quit his job. He doesn’t seem to understand that if he quits, he’ll have to find a new place to live since I’ll have to rent out his room. I’m not charging him rent to be an asshole, I charge him rent so we’ll continue to have a place to live from month to month.

But his babbling about quitting as given me an underlying worry. I can’t help but consider that his idiocy can cause me to lose everything that I’ve worked so hard for.

Meanwhile my best friend was conducting an experiment unbeknownst to me. According to him he hasn’t taken a shower for approximately 3 weeks and was wondering if anyone would say anything – and nope, no one said anything. I swear he doesn’t have any sort of body odor – and if he does, I clearly am unable to notice it. I told him it’s probably due to his gingerness.

Oh well, my primary concern is to make sure he has a place to live – which is another reason why the shit the youngest roommate is saying is bothering me so much.

We’ll see what fate has in store.