My roommates and a coworker of theirs have decided that they are going to brew beer – a hobby that I’m ok with. But there was a bit of an issue that occurred yesterday morning that really upset me – in their endeavor to start the brewing process they decided to use my stuff, which technically would not have been and issue except that they decided that they did not have to clean it and basically left a large mess in the kitchen for me to deal with.

So there was an exchange of words. I told them that they would no longer be allowed to use my stuff for their beer hobby since they neglected to clean up after themselves.

One of the first steps of making beer is to boil the hops and barley – or whatever grains they were using. This step can be very stinky. Well, instead of getting rid of the boiled grains they just left them sitting in a bowl of mine on the kitchen counter all night. This act of neglect caused the entire house to smell terrible for a large portion of the day. If they simply had gotten rid of it and cleaned out the bowl, it’s doubtful that I would have even known.

But, to say the least, I was not pleased.

My best friend decided to do all the dishes. We’re all back to good – but them getting their own utensils for their hobby still stands so if they are neglectful with their own stuff, the replacement for it is isn’t coming out of my pocket.

On Friday morning my roommates and I went to Goodwill to see if they had anything suitable for the house. As we looked around we found the entire extended version of all of the Lord of The Rings trilogy for $6 a piece. I got them all for my best friend. He is a huge LOTR fan and he spent half of Saturday watching them.

Saturday was almost entirely a gray day – it rained a majority of the day with some moderate to severe storms interspersed. I had just finished a 12 day stretch at work and just wanted to unwind the entire weekend. I was back and forth between watching the LOTR trilogy and reading a book that I’ll talk about later in this post.

Also on Friday, a decorative bear for the bathroom finally arrived. We had been waiting well over a week for it. The cub statue is designed to hold up toilet paper that sits on a piece of wood being held up by his paw. The cubs other paw is covering his little nostrils. Behind the bear is a dowel that holds three spare rolls of TP. The little guy is quite convenient.

But assembly wasn’t too easy.

Over the course of this weekend I began reading the movie novelization of THE SUICIDE SQUAD and to say the least, it is very well written. The story flows – and offers so much more than the movie version it’s based off. It’s 375 pages and I’ve got less that 70 pages to go. I do recommend it if you like stories about DC comics.

Skip the movie though.