My 12 day stretch at work has finally come to a close and I am going to attempt to use this weekend to get much needed rest – despite how unlikely that idea is.

I had to work with that terrible Press Operator that I wrote about yesterday again and last night did not go much better. Thankfully I did not lose any appendages but I could not wait to leave that place.

I got Manny a cat condo so he has a place to call his own out where the roommates and I spend most of our time. I also picked up a few groceries and actually intend on using them at some point during this week. My procrastination is having devastating effects on my bank account.

I need to get back into cooking and baking.

Anyway, with my exceptionally large paycheck that I got this week, I decided to get myself quite a bit of books. The problem is that I left them down stairs and am too tired right now to go and remind myself which ones I got.

That will be for another time.

I also got my best friend the extended versions of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy on DVD. He was quite happy about that, he immediately began watching The Fellowship of the Ring when I gave it to him.

Right now however I’m laying in bed while they are all out buying supplies for brewing beer. I can only hope that they don’t make too much of a mess or that they don’t damage anything. I am getting a little fed up with how my third roommate has a complete disregard for my stuff. He will learn the hard way that I’m not going to put up with that for very long.

But my eye’s are demanding that I get to sleep. I’ll update later.