It has been raining for the entire morning all the way into the afternoon and I decided to take a walk despite it.

I think one of my coworkers was deliberately trying to hurt me today and I can’t seem to get the multiple occurrences off my mind.

I work at a company that prints stuff for various different companies and industries, and therefore I work on or around very large, dangerous presses. We print a majority of our products on heavy plastic, they come out in sheets that form bundles. These bundles of printed goods are sharp on the edges and very unforgiving.

The first instance that took place last night was a fuck-up of a Press Operator hit me  in the face with one of these bundles then tried to act like he wasn’t aware it happened. I was standing right next to him – exactly where he told me to stand then he picked up one of those bundles and shoved it in my face.

The second instance almost cost me my hand. This is the one that I really can’t get off my mind.

One of the gears on the back of the press had come lose, and to shorten this story I’ll spare a few of the details. The gear had become unmeshed to a very important part of the press so it needed to be hammered back in place. The fuck-up of a Press Operator wanted me to check to see if the set-screws holding the gear to it’s part were tight, so he hands me a wrench and asks me to tighten the screws.

As I reach into the machine to see if the the set-screws are tight, the idiot advances the machine which pulled my hand within centimeters of some very dangerous gears. Gears that are powerful enough to tear off fingers and hands.

This isn’t paranoia – this same press operator is responsible for causing a worker from 8 years ago to lose MULTIPLE fingers in the exact same press. He told her to do something then proceeded to turn on the machine while her hands were in the machine.

Pieces of her flesh are permanently burnt into that press to this day.

So yes, I had to take a walk regardless of the weather because I’m very furious. I wanted to bash this guys fucking face in. He is a walking disaster and he is going to severely injure someone again – and I do not want to be that ‘someone’.

But, yet again, it’s getting “late” for this third-shifter and I should probably make my way to bed. I think I need to get some decent rest.