My best friend, my other roommate and a coworker of theirs are going to start brewing beer in the basement. This, of course, was a bit of a surprise to me when I got home from work this morning since both of them neglected to mention this plan of theirs.

Their coworker was at the house already checking out the basement trying to determine where exactly to place the equipment he had brought along with him to begin this miniature beer brewing operation. This is perplexing as to how well this plan of their will actually work since doing something like that requires both patience and responsibility.

But hey, if they think they can do it, I don’t think I should attempt to stop them. I did tell them that they MUST get a mop and bucket just in case a catastrophe occurs with their endeavor.

Yet again this is another thing that I’m not going to participate in since I have enough on my plate already.

I am not taking care of a snake and I’m not helping with the beer brewing operation in the basement. These are things that they need to take responsibility for.

I would have also been nice if I were given some sort of notice considering that I was, yet again, dead tired from work and really just wanted to sit down when I got home instead of entertain a guest.

Anyway, they both have dreams of being able to brew something that perhaps they’ll be able to sell in some fashion – I keep envisioning a scenario like on the Drew Carey show and amuse myself. I guess because they talk about making a coffee flavored beer incidentally and apparently never seen any episode of that old sitcom.

This could go well.

In other news, my best friend got quite drunk this morning because he, like me, is a light weight when it comes to alcohol and it didn’t take much to get him tipsy.

Oh well, we’ll just see what the days ahead bring.