I ran press all night which was a first in quite awhile. The last time I ran press at work, the end result was a disaster. I was relieved that everything ran relatively smoothly.

Regardless this 12 night stretch of work is rather exhausting for understandable reasons. I haven’t even taken a walk in the past couple of days due to being excessively tired.

My best friend and my other roommate are working a 12 hour shift tonight, so they went to bed quite early, so I spent most of the morning being tormented by the cat.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better cat. When we adopted him I was worried that I’d never be able to spend any time with him because I thought he would rather hide. To my relief it turns out Manny loves hanging out in peoples laps and giving people hugs. I like it when he chooses to lay on me. I love being able to spend so much time with him without having to chase him down to do so.

I love that the cat comes to me willingly.

Who gave him up for adoption? Why? Those questions perplex me. Yes, he can be kind of a jerk at times, but that is in a cat’s job description. There is nothing that he does that makes me legitimately angry. That cats I had growing up often did uncalled for things – or they’d always make sure they were just out of reach so petting them was almost impossible.

Somehow I ended up with a cat that wants to be around me.

But the dynamics in this house are going to change a bit in about a week and a half. My second roommate wants to get a snake and he is planning on getting it when he get’s paid next. Snakes are quite different than cats and I’ve already told him that I would not be taking care of it simply because I do not feel all that comfortable around it.

I can’t remember what species of snake that he wants to get. He initially wanted a Python, but I’ve also seen him look interested in getting a corn snake. I just hope that whatever he gets, it’s not venomous and relatively harmless.

I do have my reservations about the snake, however he did say that he would take care of it. The reality of that remains to be seen. I don’t consider him to be very responsible – or considerate of others for that matter.

Something tells me that taking care of that snake will fall into my hands.

That will not be fun.