We went out for breakfast this morning after work, the roommates and I along with one of their coworkers. It was rather nice.

I was kind of harassing my best friend about his procrastination when it comes to mowing the lawn, I’m not sure how much he appreciated that. But I need to let off my frustrations in a constructive manner sometimes.

And breakfast seemed like the place to do it.

After breakfast I went and ran errands and picked up a few things for the house. I found a rather nice glass top table at Goodwill for $5 that became the new coffee table. I also got the cat two cat beds. I figure that since the house is so large, he needed two – one for each of his favorite sleeping spots on either side of the house.

I also found a DVD bundle of all 4 of the Jurassic Park movies that I was happy to get. Incidentally all three of us like a different one of the Jurassic Park movies most. I like the original, my best friend likes Jurassic World and the other roommate likes The Lost World.

Getting all four of them seemed like a logical thing.

We’re going to marathon them next weekend.

I also got a rake because fall is coming and there is SOME yard work that I’d like to actually stay on top of.

The interesting thing is that all three of us have to work over time this weekend, so we’re all going to have a short weekend.

Oh well, the additional income will not be a problem.

But that means that I have to get to bed.

Sleep, it’s calling me – but, at the same time, I want to start writing a story of some variety.


I got a(nother) notebook at the store today with the *intention* of writing outlines of potential stories in it – my mind seems to be drawing a blank when it comes to story ideas. I keep wanting to do something ‘compelling’ so I keep turning down all my own ideas because I consider them to have been done before.

But, what I really need to be doing is to just write, essentially, whatever comes to me until I discover my rhythm. I keep wanting to write Science Fiction, but maybe that’s not necessarily the niche I should be focused on.

Maybe I shouldn’t be pigeon-holing myself.

Maybe I should write about Melvin, the cat who hangs out at a gay bar and the interactions the patrons have with him.

Who does Melvin go to for a treat? Who’s lap does Melvin like to sit in? Who does Melvin hiss at? Where does Melvin consider home? What does Melvin witness in the Men’s room?

Yeah, that could be interesting…

But here I am trying to find new ways to answer the question; “name a color that ends in ‘urple'”.