I’m getting my first overtime of this season at work on Saturday which will be just in time for when the mortgage payment is due.

I like that.

My morning’s have been going by so quickly lately it’s unreal. I am getting things done, but I don’t feel like I’m being very productive – largely due to being quite exhausted when I get home.

I want to get more out of my morning’s when I get home from work but I have yet to figure out how. I basically have 6 hours after work to do things in the morning, I want to devote at least 2 of those hours to reading.

But then I also have to eat….

….and clean

….and attempt a walk

….and make sure my roommates have something to eat.

….and make sure bills are getting paid and being sent out on time.

Six hours go by remarkably quick in that regard. It does help tremendously that I have a dishwasher, a washer and dryer and central air because when I lived at the apartment, I had none of those so entire morning’s would be devoted to hand washing dishes, sitting at the laundromat or trying to stay cool or warm depending on the season.

In retrospect my morning’s have improved, but I guess I envy the leisure that my roommates have that I don’t.

I discovered today that my phone secretly recorded the road trip that we went on a few weekends ago up north.

So that’s creepy… and interesting.

So I’ll post those screen shots.

The left side is the trip up, the right is the route we took back down.

I wrote about the entire trip – but have yet to post it, primarily due to the limited amount of time that I have to do anything. These screen shots will suffice for a bit I guess.