Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one putting in any sort of effort here at this house. I am trying so hard to make sure that everything works out right and time and time again it feels like the world is working against me.


There is a decade’s difference in age between my roommates and I which means that I often find myself taking on various different roles with them. I’m in my early 30’s and they are both in their early 20’s.

They are both kids basically.

What that means essentially is that I am often finding myself taking on the role of a parent essentially. There is a certain lack (or disregard) of responsibility by both of them which means that I have taken it upon myself to make sure they are doing the things that they said they would do.

My best friend (23) has told me that he’d take responsibility of things like mowing the lawn. So far the only person who’s mowed the lawn has been me, despite, ironically, my other roommate (21) who has talked rather enthusiastically about starting a lawn mowing business.

Even though he doesn’t have a car or a lawnmower to his name.

Incidentally the other roommate has become the epitome of lazy, it has taken him almost a month to remove his clean clothes from the laundry room and put it in his bed room. All of his stuff – clothes included – continue to sit out in the garage where they have been since July of this year.

I’ve asked him repeatedly to take them in and take care of them, but he neglects to do it over and over again.

But of course they like to remind me that they are “grown ass men” which, I guess is another way of saying “adults” yet I’m under the belief that they would have starved to death at this point if they weren’t living with me.

When we go grocery shopping, they will spend their money on alcohol while I spend my money on food. They like to try and persuade me to do the same, but I have yet to do the same.

Starvation isn’t as cool as it sounds.

Regardless, it is my food they consume when they no longer have a dime left to spend from their paychecks.

My best friend was -$500+ in his bank account two weeks ago because he was just spending money with out paying attention.

After three days of coaxing (and paying his car insurance and phone bill because he had no money to do so) I finally compelled him to call the bank and figure out what had gone on.

He forgot about a payment and withdrew too much money…

…to buy pot.

Because my “adult” roommates have priorities.

I hope that I can teach them a thing or two before their life choices destroy me.