SWEETBITTER by Stephanie Danler was mediocre at best. I was able to finally finish that “New York Times Bestseller” this morning and could only resolve that it was the most lackluster, stagnant book that I’ve read in quite awhile.

The writing was enjoyable – the story was DOA.

Not worth even recommending.

I checked TRIBE by Sebastian Junger out of the library yesterday and I hope to read that all within the day. That is the goal – however keeping up with goals has not been my strong suit as of late.

Yesterday I kept quite busy getting a lot of necessary things done. I barely saw my roommates at all. I was a bit dismayed when I got home from work and I could barely get in the driveway because one of their co-workers had me blocked in.

So I immediately left.

It seems to be the trend when they have people over, that I feel like the uninvited guest in my own house. Sometimes after a long night at work, I’d prefer to just come home and relax and not deal with people I barely know.

My roommates have people over every morning after work, it would be nice for once that I could come home to a quiet house.

At any rate, I went on a very long walk around town yesterday and greatly enjoyed the solitude while my roommates and their friends got drunk at the house. My morning was disturbed by a call from my insurance company informing me that, for reason’s unknown, my “auto-pay” payment had not gone through. Thankfully I was able to sort that all out and learned that my insurance agent was able to find my best friend and I another discount.

On my long walk, I decided that I wanted to make a brief blog post, just to realize that my WordPress app was not working.

That was unfortunate.

Today is destined to be rainy and I think that if the precipitation tapers off a bit, I’ll go on another walk. My best friend is still sleeping, I think he’s been asleep since almost 5pm yesterday evening and it is almost noon now. He wanted to check out some of the trails at the park, but it is unknown to me when he’ll be awake.

He did a lot of drinking yesterday morning – and that typically leaves him quite sick the following day, not necessarily with a hangover, but also with numerous stomach issues.

That is perhaps why he is still in bed.