I had so much ambition today, and somehow I’m managing to get a few things done.

Let me start over; last night while at work I developed for myself a quite lengthy “to-do” list of things to do once I got home. Since tomorrow is pay day, I wanted to get as much out of my way as I could today so I could have plenty of time tomorrow to run, what I consider to be “higher priority” errands.

Those “lower priority” errands that I finished are:

  • I took out the trash dumpster to the road.
  • I made coffee.
  • I wrote out checks for the bills.
  • I cleaned out Manny’s litter box
  • I walked the bills to the mail box
  • I played some Pokemon GO while on that walk.
  • I made myself a quick lunch.
  • I caught up on some of my favorite YouTube channels.
  • I updated my blog.

The one’s that I don’ think I’ll complete, but I’ll make an attempt to are:

  • Vacuum out the lair.
  • Read a couple chapters from SWEETBITTER
  • Take a trip to Goodwill.
  • Bake something for the roomies.
  • Type up more of our UP trip and make it “blog ready”.

Basically I don’t want my grocery shopping time to be too heavily punctuated. So I figured that I’d reserve today to take care of bills and other things that would take up a considerable amount of time.

I’m earnestly trying to develop a routine every morning after work so that I can be productive to some degree each day. Sleeping the day away just wouldn’t benefit anyone.

My roommates have been working excessively long shifts at their work and I’m trying to make sure things at the house don’t completely fall apart. It’s tough to get things done when so extremely exhausted.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get a few more things done before calling it a day.