As I stated in an earlier post – that I’d have a few blogs up of our weekend road trip by yesterday – turns out, clearly, not to be true.

The reality is that I have SO much hand written out, that it’s not as easy as I’d thought it would be to transcribe it all. Primarily due to being extremely exhausted.

My energy level has been essentially non-existent for the past day or so. Typing out the events that took place on our weekend trip seemed to be more of a chore than anything else.

However I still do intend on posting a heavily abridged (no pun intended) version of our road trip to Michigan’s upper peninsula as soon as I can carve out some time.

Today however is Tuesday, and if you recall from an earlier post, this morning was supposed to have been the day that my best friends uncle was going to stop over after work. The morning that I had so much anxiety about.

Evidently he forgot and is rescheduling his visit for tomorrow morning.

That’ll be enjoyable – I’m sure. There is just something about my best friend’s family that I’ve grown skeptical of. They feel obligated to criticize and judge me for what I’ve done for my best friend, however they never seem too motivated to help him when he needs it.

For instance, this weekend my best friend realized that after depositing $500 into his bank account he was -$47 in the red. He neglected to check his balance for the past month and racked up almost $300 in overdraft fee’s. He didn’t have any money to pay his car insurance – so I paid it, and he owed his brother-in-law $185 in late phone bills which also came out of my pocket. His brother-in-law is cancelling the service to my best friends phone on the 16th.

Of course these are the same people who have no problem accusing me of various things. To them apparently I am the worst thing that has happened to my best friend.

I don’t know.

I just want my best friend to learn both personal and social responsibility – and I want him to learn it without having to go through a hellish crisis. There is no need for him to be homeless. Yeah, he is technically an adult, but considering who all his adult role-models are, it’s easy to see why he prefers going through life high.

Anyway, this week he is picking up as much overtime as he can get in order to counter as much of his financial damage as possible. He doesn’t have to pay me back – however he does have rent due at the end of the month, which will be coming out of his next paycheck.

I’m going to try and minimize his rent for him as well considering my bills for this giant house aren’t much larger than the bills I had for my tiny one-bedroom apartment.

Which is a relief.

Anyway, until next time,