The previous week or so has been relatively drama-free. Since the “ex” of my best-friend found herself a new boyfriend, her drama only occurs over texts and she is no longer performing any live shows of it.

Thank god.

I’ve been spending my time reading. I’m about half way through SWEETBITTER by Stephanie Danler after finishing Ray Kroc’s book GRINDING IT OUT this previous weekend.

Both, incidentally, are about the food industry. The transition from one to the other went well. Sometimes I have a bit of trouble moving from one genre – or form of writing – to another, so that was pleasing.

Other pleasing things is that the central air is now working in our house! The sponsor for my best friend’s softball team happens to be a heating and cooling company and since my best friend plays such a large role in helping the team win so many games – he fixed our central air problem for free.

This house feels amazing despite it being miserable outside.

This upcoming weekend is the big “Northern Road Trip” that by best friend, myself and two other people will be going on. We’re going to Michigan’s upper peninsula and we plan on having one hell of a trip. I’m looking forward to it, despite some unrelated anxiety.

My best friend told me that on Tuesday morning his uncle will be coming over in the morning after work to have breakfast and ‘talk’. This ‘talk’ is what my anxiety is all about. Even though I work with my best friend’s uncle, I am well aware how my best friend’s “family” feel about me. As they sat around and did essentially nothing while my best friends life fell apart, they now feel it is their duty to hurl accusations at me.

And they do – often.

A lot of the bullshit they accuse me of is just blatant insinuation and just plain disrespectful, and I fear that on Tuesday I’ll be receiving more of the same. Much of this shit talk from them – and so many other people – is the motivation for this blog. I don’t know how to adequately vent. I need *someone* to see my side of the story. I never get that opportunity.

I did not put him in the situation that he was in back at the beginning of the year. What I did do is help him get out of that situation and back on his feet in some way. It’s not my fault that his family didn’t feel obliged to help him at that point – but now that things are looking much better for him, I’m the apparent culprit for all of his impulsive decisions.

It is aggravating and I’m losing my patience with all of these accusations.

It started with that slut he thought he’d live with “forever” – the one that caused him to lose his job and sat absentmindedly by while his life fell apart.

Then it was his alcoholic “I’ve been divorced five times” bitch of a mother.

Then his baby-mama who informed me that “everybody” thinks I control my best-friend, not to mention all the other accusations that have been hurled at me.

So I would not be surprised if the fourth candidate to tell me the same is his own uncle – at my own house none-the-less.

That’ll be enjoyable I’m sure.

There should (read: will) be a blog entry about that visit; there will also be one about the road trip.

I need to post more regularly, but trying to form any sort of coherent routine is damn near impossible so far. I have to work on it.

So until next time.