Last week – the day we adopted Manny, the “ex-girlfriend” decided to raise the drama to 11 which resulted in her stating that she wasn’t going to allow my best friend to see his daughter.

I wrote about that event in a previous post.

Today she was, once again, at the house. Not much of a surprise there since she always figures out a way to swindle her way back. Of course using their daughter as a bargaining chip – again.

But she brought news – good news, she is seeing some new guy. In fact they have a date later this evening.

I wish her well. But if she pulls any of her antics with him like she does with my best friend, the “new guy” won’t stick around much either.

Only time will tell.

My best friend is rather morose however. I can’t exactly decipher the reason why.

Manny is a bit of an asshole as of late. Knocked over the kitchen trash and thinks my ears and fingers are something that he can play with – with his teeth and nails – while I sleep. These little habits of his will get old quick. I’m going to have to figure out how to “untrain” him of these little quirks.

I have TWO three-day weekends coming up. Next weekend my best friend and I will be taking a road trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula which will be enjoyable. I’m excited.

In other news, I’m FINALLY out of my 2016 reading slump. I had to read some “easy” books to emerge from that. This weekend I plan on reading SWEETBITTER by Stephanie Danler, then CHICAGO by Brian Doyle. I finished THE CHIMES yesterday and started Ray Krok’s autobiography today GRINDING IT OUT – which will be a quick read.

This blog will most likely incorporate some reviews and thoughts about these books.

For example: although I can see why THE CHIMES was long-listed last year for the Man Booker Prize, I can also see why it did not win. Something to me, near the end, caused the story to fall flat and the novelty of the story fell away shortly before the story ended making me at least left wishing that the author had fleshed out that ending a bit more.

Regardless the book was an experience that is worth anyone’s time.

I hope the books I intend on reading this weekend are the same way.