It was a long, exhausting couple weeks of moving in from the apartment to the house. Although my stuff is technically here, everything is in disarray and I’m not sure if it is too early to call this place ‘home’ yet. I’m feeling a bit of home-sickness for the old apartment I guess.

But of course the real issue I’ve been dealing with isn’t so much the house, but rather my best friends girlfriend who seems to believe that the house is hers because I’ve allowed her to live here. Now she wants to take up a large portion of the house to store some ugly Lu La Roe clothing she thinks she’s going to get rich off by selling.

I told her that the earliest that she could begin moving in was August 14, however she’s taken it upon her self to begin moving in as soon as she could. This of course was not to my liking since she managed to get in my way frequently as I was moving myself in. Currently she is trying to guilt trip me over text messaging about the whole situation. Somehow in her mind, me insisting that she wait until the 14th before she moves in has translated to me not wanting her to move in at all. If she keeps it up, that will be what happens however.

She is technically mad at me because I called her out on the fact that she breastfeeds her 3 month old daughter then goes and gets really high with her boyfriend. She thinks this practice is somehow OK. I realize THC collects in the fat cells and that her daughter could very well be getting large doses of THC when feeding, but I don’t know all the other scientific specifics. All I know is that she really shouldn’t be doing it.

And to think she has tried to lecture me on responsibility today already.

The frustrating part is that I spent two months going through the entire house buying process, and at the tail end of it she tries to jump aboard and change everything with her delusions of family and becoming rich. She JUST got a job, she’s been unemployed for well over a year and during that year she got herself knocked up, presumably by my best friend, has her parents paying all her bills, and now has the audacity to try to stay she know what responsibility is.

She’ll be the first to be kicked out of this house, I’m quite certain.