The move is going pretty well, I’ve got a large chunk of my stuff out of the apartment and into the house. The problem I continue to run into however is that once I get to the house, I don’t really want to leave so I’ll spend hours there just enjoying everything before making another trip to fill up my vehicle and drop things off. I really like being there.

My best friend is slowly beginning to get moved in. I told him that he needs to collect his stuff from all the random places that he has it stored because I want all his stuff in one location – at our house. There is tons of storage space so it’s not exactly going to get in the way. He needs a place to call his own..

I believe however that his girlfriend is going to become quite the problem. I’m not sure that she understands the concept that it is my best friend and my place – and her staying there is solely up to our discretion. If (when) things don’t work out between the two of them, she DOES have a place to go – back to her moms house. Up until now, my best friend did not have that luxury. But when she was at the house yesterday, it was like she thought she could call the shots just because her dumbass got pregnant a year ago and her baby gave her magical powers of some variety.

I’m the one that spent two months getting this house while she manipulated my best friend into getting back into a relationship. I’m the one that made sure my best friend had a place to stay while she stirred up drama about him on her Facebook. I will not let her walk all over him while he is at his own house – I will certainly not let her walk all over me while in my own house.

The original plan when getting the house never involved her, those two didn’t want anything to do with each other until she saw the house we were getting and suddenly her manipulative bitch mode went into over drive. I’m considering writing up (or getting) a lease agreement for her. She is essentially the guest there, the tenant. Her baby does not give her a free pass to march around like my best friend and my house is her house.

This house – it’s location will essentially save us a lot of money considering how close it is to, well, stuff. My best friend and I like to play basketball from time to time. We used to have to drive 30 minutes just to get to a park “near by”, at the house there will be 3 parks with basketball courts – and they are all only minutes away, in city parks near the Grand River none-the-less, so I can relax by the water after a few games.

Yeah, the house offers so much, however there will be inevitable challenges along the way that my best friend and I will face. He’ll learn the in’s and outs of living on his own essentially and I’ll learn how to live with other people – and how to pursue my dreams.

It’s the beginning of an adventure.