It appears that I’ve only have three more days to wait before I can officially close on the house. This is exciting – and terrifying. This is such a huge thing to be taking on, but at the same time, the massive change that my life is about to undertake is completely worth it.

I’ll have a legitimate amount of freedom there; I’ll also be in the same place as my best friend – so that even though we no longer work together, I’ll still be able to see him all the time. It is exciting to think that both of our lives are about to change in such a dramatic way. He’ll also have a large home in which to raise his daughter.

Cleanliness however is going to be one of the greatest tasks that all of us who are going to be moving into the house will have to undertake. I like to keep my living space quite clean – it is clear that the “third roommate”, the girlfriend of my best friend and my best friend all struggle with this concept. For instance, the house his girlfriend lives in is a disastrous mess. She’s been without a job for almost a year – her mom works almost 80 hours a week, and she still couldn’t find the time to clean up. Trash is strewn all over the house that she lives in – and from my understanding, it’s a house they just bought 2 years ago.

I’ll be adopting these messy people into my life which is worrisome. I can handle the messes of my best friend, but the other two – well, lets just say that I didn’t really sign up for that.