“In your inquiry into the laws of nature always begin with the commonest and  most conspicuous phenomena, and train your scholar not to accept these phenomena as causes but as facts. I take a stone and pretend to place it in the air; I open my hand, the stone falls. I see Emile watching my action and I say, “Why does this stone fall?”

– Emile, Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I’ve been watching the “stone” fall over and over again in regards to my best friend’s behaviour and I am beginning to see the cause.

I need to elaborate.

After helping my best friend out so much after he lost his job back in January – which ultimately ended in him getting a new job, I’ve been noticing that he is finding different ways to distance himself from me – in both literal and figurative ways.

Him and I haven’t hung out by ourselves – with out the presence of a ‘third’ since April. He makes sure that him and I are NEVER alone together – or if we happen to be, he maintains a physical and emotional distance. In fact, the moment the ‘third roommate’ moved out of my little apartment, he immediately found a way to move out himself – into the house that his girlfriend lives.

This is irritating because in roughly a month, him and I along with his girlfriend, daughter and ‘third roommate’ will be sharing a house together. His insistence  to maintain a distance between us will result in problems.

Also I’m very worried that he is going to back out on this house deal and that has me incredibly worried. His body language tells me that he is not comfortable about something – and if he backs out, I won’t be able to afford the mortgage… this year anyway.

I don’t know what to do – a predicament that I am often finding myself in. For today however, I’ll continue to pack up my life and hopefully somethings will begin to resolve themselves. I might also create a craigslist ad looking for roommates for the Grand Ledge MI area come this August.